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Wise Basket™

Purchase several crypto coins in a single secure transaction.

For Investors:
  • Single point of sale for many coins, no need to register at multiple investment houses to catch the hot new coins or ICOs.
  • Secure - Smart contract based, no human error, send ETH and receive tokens with confidence.
You can become a Wise Basket™ Investment Agent and gain:
  • Commission on ETH transactions.
  • Offer your audience an investment opportunity in minutes using Wise Basket™.
    Fill our Basket creation form, receive an ETH Address, share with your audience and profit from commission on each transaction.
  • No Setup, hidden fees, or capital required, simply advertise your Wise Basket™ ETH address.
  • Become an investment agent
How does it work: Each Wise Basket™ has an address (it's a smart contract).
To use our baskets simply send ETH to the Basket’s address, in return you will receive a collection of digital assets directly to your wallet, corresponding to the amount of ETH sent.
Powered by smart contracts the Wise Basket™ collect the ethereum sent and sends multiple assets back to user's wallet address. Small fee (normally around 1% from basket price) is distributed to the agents of the Wise Basket and the smart contract platform.


Hand picked digital assets by industry experts.

Smart Contract Based

No human error in asset distribution. 100% transparent and verifiable on the blockchain.


Sending one transaction to the contract immediately reward the user’s wallet with the relevant assets as well as WISE tokens to the Basket Owner.

Investment Explorer Widget

We offer the UI below as a widget (free) to embed on your website.
this widget shows the basket portfolio, and allows to calculate how many coins you will receive for the amount of ETH sent.

Our Recommended Basket -

Wise Basket™ - Our Recommended Basket

Assets available in Ether:

Token Name % of portfolio Price in Eth

Explore investment in Ether:

For You will receive:

To invest send ETH to this contract address:
Copy address
Wise Basket™ - Powered by https://Wise-Fin.Tech

Become An Investment agent

Have in depth understanding in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies?
Want to enrich your content and reward your audience?
Want to monetize on your knowledge?
Create a Wise Basket and collect immediate returns on each transaction. Enrich your channels and Enjoy commission from your Basket revenue.

Here are a few ways you can use Wise Basket for the benefits of your channels and social media accounts:
  • Promote the assets you support (your favorite ERC20 tokens) in one “Basket”. Promote it as an investment advice, educational tool, gift idea, explain the benefits and collect rewards from each transactions made to this basket.
  • Attract people to your channel with limited supply attractive deals.
    (ex. Offer a special price on Basket for the first followers reacting to your post. 5% off CVC,LINK,PAY for first 5 Basket transaction - The actual Basket address can be revealed by you when needed on a post, youtube blogg, etc’.)
  • Additional Basket functionality is under development.
Become an investment agent

Wise Token

WISE token is an ERC20 token used on the WISE FinTech ecosystem and partners programs. WISE is minted only against ETH collected from WISE FinTech sales and partners programs. The “floor” Price of WISE token is no less than 1.00 ETH for 1.00 WISE and tokens can be exchanged back to ETH at any time.
Reward and benefits will be offered to Token holders. Here are just a few examples of what’s “in the oven” for WISE Token Holders:
-Revenue sharing (from products and services sales)
-ICO Investor VIP club (get special offers)
-Staking Revenues
-Many more ...

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As easy as 1,2,3


Explore Wise investment Baskets and their offering on our site, Select the Basket you would like to use, and use the Investment Widget (see below) to decide how many ETH to invest. Copy the Basket address.


Open your Ethereum wallet and send Ether to copied Investment Basket address (make sure to double check the address). Minimum 0.01, Max - see the Investment widget limit on each Basket.


The Investment Basket contract will receive the ether, and on the same transaction, it will issue the respective assets as written on the Investment Basket page. All tokens will immediately show in your wallet once the transaction is confirmed.
*WISE token might need a one time setup. (see below)

Wise Token - One time setup

Wise token is an ERC20 token, some wallets update automatically ( and show every token sent to the address,
On others, such as Mist, a one time setup is necessary to see the Wise Token. Setup:
On mist, click the Contracts tab, then Watch Token, and enter the contract address: 0x19fF76dEc33d3cCD6e619A4522D1D309A8D8831E, Token Name: Wise, Symbol: WISE, Decimal places: 18.
On, click 'Add Custom Token' and again fill in the details above.


Please contact us with any questions or suggestions!

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